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Lima City Tour – What will you see?

Lima City Tour

In this opportunity, we wanted to share some information about our City tour in Lima.

This tour takes visitors through Lima’s past, from Colonial times to the current modern days. We started our tour by visiting Lima center, full of historic buildings of Spanish, Italian and French inspired architecture. As we walked through the streets, our knowledgeable guide gave us further explanation of the places we passed by like the Presidential Palace, the Cathedral and the Main Plazas. We then arrived to Santo Domingo Convent for a brief tour of the museum to later continuing our visit to the famous Catacombs.

Having finished with the Colonial part of Lima, we continued to our next destination: Miraflores. Something very interesting to note is that Peru Best Tours ( is one of the few operators including a visit to a Huaca in their city tours. We feel is one of the best ways to enhance your tour by showing you a historic and archaeological place which visit is so important to illustrate the history of Lima ancient culture.

After visiting Huaca Huallamarca, we reached the end of our Lima City Tour after going to the Miraflores Cliffs area to get marvelous views of the Pacific Ocean.

Our Lima City tour is included in all of our Travel Packages to ensure that you don’t miss this amazing adventure!