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machu picchu tours

Peru offers to visitors a great wealth of cultures and traditions. Our travel packages include not only Machu Picchu tours but also diverse experiences that will give you a panoramic view of the country. Those experiences might be trying the well known Peruvian food, visiting one of the 12 Unesco heritage sites or the vast natural reserves in the north and south regions.

Machu Picchu tours, history, culture and more

If you have a taste for history and culture then you should visit Peru, a country which has a cultural heritage composed by traditions and customs inherited by our ancestors and the contribution of immigrant people coming from Europe, Africa, Japan and China. This looks reflected on every cultural expression as our music with its particular dances and rhythms which varies according to every different region in Peru, as the Afro-Peruvian music in the South Coast of the country, the Andean sounds from the mountains and the Amazonic beats from our wide and amazing rainforest. Our food is a great representation of what fusion, tradition and creativity means, with a big variety of products, species and the mix of the several cultures mentioned before, you will be able to find and try a different dish in every place you'll visit. You will find out that every part of Peru has a lot of history behind, you will not want to miss the opportunity to learn more about our colorful festivals, typical dances, religion and much more.

Here are some of Peru's highlights that you should totally include in your bucket list:

Tour to Machu Picchu

It is not by chance that Machu Picchu is the leading tourist attraction site in South America. Machu Picchu represents the most emblematic symbol of the Inca civilization. On average, Machu Picchu receives millions of tourists from all over the globe annually. You can transverse through this famous city through the different Machu Picchu Trek Tours. Most of the things are just the way they were back in the ancient times. A Machu Picchu Peru Trip is waiting for you!

A different way to have a Machu Picchu Tour is by taking one of our Machu Picchu Hiking Tours as the famous Inca Trail, which will take you to the Sun Gate and then you will proceed to the ancient citadel. You will never stop impressing yourself by the out of this world views among the whole trail. If you would love to have a journey full of adventure and at the same time learn about our ancestors, you must need to try a Machu Picchu Trek. An experience you won't ever forget!

Larco Museum

To learn a little more about the ancient history of Peru, you should definitely visit Larco Museum located in Lima, which is designed with different colored bougainvillea leaves making it an attractive site by itself. At the museum, you will have the chance to appreciate and observe exhibitions which contain pottery artifacts, ceremonial vessels, textiles and collections of Pre-Columbian Art.

Peruvian food

For a foodie adventure you must include Peru as part of your journey. Peruvian food stands out by having big influences from the pre-hispanic people and several cultures as the Spanish, Italian or Chinese. Peruvian cuisine offers diversity and fusion, this is possible due to the wide variety of native products that we have as potatoes with almost 4,000 different types that grow all over the Andes mountain. Also, quinoa and kiwicha that have a big nutritional value and are being use more often by chefs on every new creation they make every time.


Qorikancha is a historical site in Cusco and it is the only place where you will have a chance to see the outstanding ruins of the famous Inca empire temple. Basically, this was the richest temple in the Inca Empire; it was literally covered with gold and silver. Well, the Spaniards took most of the gold and silver but the stonework remained intact. Visit Qorikancha see the cultural exchange between the Inca cultural style and the Spaniards.

Floating Islands at Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca stands at 3810 metres above sea level and it is the highest navigable lake in the world. These famous islands are known as Uros and were created by a tribe that predated Inca Empire back in the years. At Peru Best Tours, we will not only give you a chance to sail across the lake but we will also ensure that you see the floating Islands.

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