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Peru Honeymoon

Peru Honeymoon

A Peru honeymoon is definitely a great choice for those couples looking for that very special experience that will make the relationship last forever. Our honeymoon packages might include luxury and unique accommodation, fine dining at world’s top restaurants and this can be combined with culture and exiting adventure. Have a look at our Peru honeymoon itineraries and let us know. We will customize it to your desires.

Ideas for a great Peru honeymoon

Are you searching for a perfect honeymoon destination where you can spend time together with your spouse without any distraction? You have come to the right place! At Peru Best Tours, we offer Peru honeymoon packages at affordable prices. With our Peru honeymoons, you can rest assured that you will have your privacy and the travel experience will be far from the usual. Here are some destinations you can visit depending on your personal interests, travel needs and budget:

Skylodge Adventures

There is no better choice for a Newlywed celebration than spending time in the Skylodge Adventures Suites with your loved one. These aluminum polycarbonate capsule suites are located in Peru’s Sacred Valley of the Incas and you can access these suites by either climbing 400m via a vertical ladder or via a combination of hiking and ziplining. The Skylodge Adventures Suites are a million stars observatory, made of a transparent material allowing their fortunate guests to see the beautiful valley beneath, watch the sunset and sunrise, and count the stars at night. It can never get more romantic than this. We recommend this inspiring Peru honeymoon trip for couples looking for outside-the-box adventures. 

Luxury Accommodation

During your honeymoon in Peru, you can’t just settle for any restaurant. Honeymoon only comes once in a lifetime and you should ensure that you make of this, a memorable and endearing experience. You can do so by dinning at exclusive, luxury restaurants, as well as spending the night at selected properties like the Belmond Hotels and the Mountain Lodges of Peru. Our experienced travel advisors will be happy to provide more unique 2 week honeymoon ideas.

Peruvian Chocolate

Peru has a rich cultural heritage and, if you have a thing for culture, we have exciting places you can visit in your free time. Depending on what you like, we can customize your Peru honeymoon itinerary so that you only get to see what excites you the most. A super popular activity for couples is engaging in a chocolate workshop, to learn how to make chocolate from scratch. This is undoubtedly a fun way to spend time together and put your cooking skills to the test!

Peru Adventure

Honeymoon is all about having fun, as well as sharing new and exciting experiences alongside your loved one. If you are both not afraid of heights and are adventurers at heart, we’ve got you covered. You can go hiking, mountain biking or even sail across the Titicaca Lake, the highest navigable lake in the world! These are perfect examples of what to do in Peru for a week.

Peru Culinary Tour

The way to a traveler’s heart is through the stomach. You can’t have fun on an empty stomach. Our Foodie Adventure tour features a nine days itinerary that includes an amazing Machu Picchu honeymoon, visits to local markets, and chocolate workshops, just to name a few. The main goal of this tour package is to share a unique Peruvian cuisine experience by tasting mouth-watering traditional Peruvian dishes.

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